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We’re a full-service heating and cooling company in Toronto who have years of experience. Has your furnace stopped working? Does your furnace require cleaning and you don’t know who to turn to? Do you need a new furnace installed? We’re here for you all-year-long to provide professional, reliable and high-quality services. And working with us is easy.

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Our furnace technicians are highly-skilled and experienced in all aspects of furnace repair and maintenance services in the Toronto area because when it comes to your furnace, your family deserves the best. We’re always happy to provide your family with optimal home comfort and answer all of your questions along the way so you’re well-informed along the way.

Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Your furnace and ducts will be thoroughly inspected by our technicians to determine your individual needs, how the cleaning will be performed, and how long it will take for both your hot and cold air vents.

Furnace Installation

We can get your new furnace up and ready for winter right away so your family can stay warm and comfortable when they need it the most. We’ll also get the job done right the first time and respect your home like we would our own.

Furnace Repair

Is your furnace making a funny noise? Is it not warming up your home like it used to? Regardless of the makes and models, we provide cost-effective and high-quality furnace repair services to get it running better than ever before.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Wondering if you can convert your oil heating system to natural gas? The process is easy when left to a professional in the GTA. Now, heating your home can become more affordable, or even add value to your home.

Air Conditioner Installation

Having a reliable air conditioner during the summer is the key to comfort. But having it installed correctly by a professional is even more important. Our cooling installation services are seamless and stress-free.

Residential & Commercial Services

Our heating and cooling technicians work diligently for both residential and commercial clients in and around the GTA so you can be brought peace of mind knowing your home or business are in good hands.

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Whether you own a house or a business in Toronto, Ontario, your comfort means a lot to us. Trust us to be your professional duct cleaning team for life. Don’t let dust buildup in your air ducts because it seems like a hassle to get them cleaned. We make the process as easy as possible and do all the work for you, and we’re only a call away!

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Whether you have an emergency situation or are curious about duct cleaning services, we have a team ready to answer your call at any time. Your ducts don’t take a break, so we don’t either!

Frequently Asked Air Duct Cleaning Questions

We’ll ensure every customer in the GTA is fully educated about their air ducts and vents and how our services and costs work. Always feel free to call us with any questions and we’ll do a great job to answer them!
The average costs for a new furnace in Toronto can range depending on the size of the unit, the square footage of your home, the condition of your ducts, and more. That’s why, when you contact us today, we can provide you with a free quote that will outline our fair costs.
This will ultimately depend on what type of furnace you have, however, the average cost of furnace repairs can range anywhere from $300-$500.
Many homeowners aren’t aware that they should have their furnace fully cleaned at least every year and the filters should be changed out every two to three months. The best time to clean your furnace is during the winter months when the heating is not in use.
Again, this will depend on the size of the unit and square footage of your home, but duct cleaning in Toronto can take anywhere from two to four hours. This is typically performed by two technicians.
Yes, having your heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit cleaned thoroughly will help to reduce your energy bill, as well as reduce the risks of exposing your family to toxins. Regular furnace maintenance and air conditioning maintenance in Toronto are essential when it comes to your health and safety and getting the most for your money.
Our Toronto technicians always recommend covering your outdoor air conditioning unit when it’s not in use in order to prevent the need for repairs come the summer. Otherwise, debris like leaves or garbage can blow into the unit and damage it by resting on the coils and freezing.
Our business is located in Toronto and we service all of the GTA areas including: Scarborough, Etobicoke, East York, North York, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, and so many more. When you contact us today, let us know your location and we’ll see if we can assist you or connect you with one of our trusted partners in your area.
On average, a furnace should last anywhere from 15-20 years and upwards of 30 years. Signs you may require a new furnace, a furnace repair service or emergency furnace repair are unusually high heating bills, unusual noises, if it’s dry inside, dusty, or just a lack of heating in general. If you notice any of these signs, call us immediately and we’ll send one of our Toronto Furnace Repair experts to inspect it.
Furnace maintenance service can include a few things such as inspecting the air and vent system, removing blockages/debris, replacing filters, checking for system damages/need for repairs, and more. A maintenance appointment can typically take one to two hours.
The dirtier your air ducts are, the more likely you are to notice your family sneezing, coughing, or experiencing other flu-like symptoms. We can help alleviate your family of these symptoms when you give us a call and book a maintenance appointment that is most convenient for you.

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We have the best, knowledgeable and licensed heating and cooling technicians ready to be put to work for you every day of the week. Your furnace and air conditioning don’t take a day off, so we don’t either. We also offer convenient maintenance and repair hours to suit your particular needs.